Catch the Cosmic Energy of the Day: JoeGalaxy®.NET Introduces CosmicJaguar.Com

From: Joe Galaxy®.NET
Published: Fri Aug 12 2005

Austin, Texas - August 9, 2005 | 4 Offering | - JoeGalaxy®.NET, producers of the popular JoeGalaxy®.NET 2005 software application, recently made their first major offering in the world of web design.

CosmicJaguar.Com is the web address which showcases the works of the talented Carlos Cedillo. Visitors can peruse through and purchase his various oil and acrylic paintings, which tell the story of his spiritual growth and the adventure he's had in the process. One can also listen to his spontaneous compositions; along with his "daily jams" where he allows himself to channel the energies of the day which correspond to the 20 day-lords and 13 tone degrees described in the writings of the Maya and their prophetic calendar.

In an effort to produce a full-service, internet presence package, the producers at JoeGalaxy®.NET decided to integrate their capability of branding the powerful JoeGalaxy®.NET 2005 application, sales their client server functionality, along with an attractive, functional website to drive the desired traffic to the client's internet point of presence.

"It has been a pleasure putting together all of Mr. Cedillo's inspired works. We are really delighted with the outcome of CosmicJaguar.Com," a member of Joe Galaxy®.NET stated when asked about this endeavor, "we will not stop until we have secured strong internet presence and community around Carlos Cedillo, his works and CosmicJaguar.Com."

Joe Galaxy®.NET will be launching various campaigns to procure clients that wish to utilize their reasonable web design prices matched with their extensive internet marketing expertise. They will also be extending this opportunity to brand and distribute Joe Galaxy®.NET's client and Galaxy Server pieces. See the following for more information:

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