Seriously Internet Drops Activation Fee

From: Seriously Internet
Published: Fri Aug 12 2005

Seriously Internet is rapidly approaching its first birthday and to celebrate is offering all new customers the chance to take advantage of FREE activation and one of the best and most affordable Internet services available anywhere.

At just £14.99 per month for a 2Mbps connection (subject to line testing), Seriously Internet's Pay-As-You-Go service is already one of the most attractively-priced services in the UK. Coupled with the free activation and free add-ons, Seriously is giving the competition much food for thought.

Matt Black from Seriously says, "Right from the start we've been determined to provide a quality service with a good price. Our business has grown quickly, to the point where we're now able to drop the activation fee and in fact, reward customers for staying with us."

There are other ISP's that offer a no activation fee package, but then most ISPs charge higher rates for usage. With Seriously, users get 1Gb free and only pay for what they use. The maximum anyone would pay is £27.99 for truly unlimited usage.

Users can migrate from other ISPs again for free, but with the addition - by way of a thank you - of a FREE month. Migrating customers can now also upgrade from 512Kbps and 1Mbps services directly to Seriously's 2Mbps service with no extra charge.

Unlike many other ISP's Seriously's products are not just a special offers for a few months - they're permanent. Matt Black had this to say, "We've grown primarily through word-of-mouth and people recommending us. Now we'll be giving people more to talk about and there is a lot more to come in the future. Everything we do is about attracting users to our service and keeping them happy, with free setup in place, everyone can benefit."

Matt Black would also like to say thank you to all Seriously's affiliates who have helped fuel this rapid growth over the last year.

Seriously Internet is being run on one of the best and most reliable networks in the UK so customers can be assured of the very highest standards of availability and performance. Different Internet connections are available, from simple dial-up, to a low-cost broadband

You can combine the fastest speed your line can handle with the convenience of only paying for what you use. With Seriously Internet, you will have a trustworthy Internet connection that is secure, reliable and available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. If something does go wrong, there is a special help-desk number that you can call to get expert advice and assistance.
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