Alpina-Savoie to showcase field-to-fork expertise at FIE in Paris

From: FTPB (French Technology Press Bureau)
Published: Fri Aug 12 2005

Alpina Savoie is Europe's third largest couscous manufacturer and the third biggest pasta manufacturer in France. Alpina Savoie is an established brand that consumers identify with quality and reliability. Indeed, for 160 years, Alpina-Savoie has been one of the rare specialists mastering the whole of the durum production chain. (Durum is the kind of wheat that is used in the manufacture of spaghetti, etc.) This ensures that traceability is optimal from field to fork.

The company’s unparalleled know-how is founded on cutting-edge technology and provides businesses with solutions for all applications and finished products involving pasta, couscous and semolina. Alpina-Savoie thus provides tailor-made services for clients with the following features common to all its products: regularity, consistent quality and performance-level whatever the technology used (frozen, chilled, dehydrated or retorted products) or the application chosen (baby food, baking, salads, soups, side dishes, desserts, etc.). Alpina-Savoie also pays great attention to the latest trends in the consumer market and, more particularly, sells a range of organic and high-protein products.

The company is ISO 9001 certified and, at every stage of the manufacturing process, everything is done to ensure optimal quality. Alpina-Savoie uses highly skilled engineers and technicians to develop original products and new solutions matching the expectations of both food processors and consumers.

Alpina-Savoie will be showcasing its products and expertise at the FIE trade show in Paris (France) from 29 November to 1 December 2005 (Hall No2, Stand NoG90).
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