The holidays season delight your guests with a fine wine

From: Bodegas Protos
Published: Mon Dec 13 2010

Christmas is coming, and along with it, celebrations with friends and family. It is time once again to pull out all of those favorite traditional recipes. And what better way to accompany them but with a fine Ribera del Duero wine from PROTOS? Wine is the drink of choice not only for special occasions, but also for practically any meal, adding the perfect final touch to the most exquisite dishes. However, determining which wine goes best with which food it is not always an easy matter.

"Pairing," which is the art of combining food with the right wine, begins by distinguishing various types of food. For example, with red meats, stews and casseroles, one should select a wine from the red category while, for seafood, the best accompaniment is a good white wine. The age of the wine (young, crianza or aged, reserve, etc.) also plays a role in determining the type of dish or the way in which it is prepared. An important point to remember is that white wines and rosés should be consumed when they are young, no more than one year after bottling. In the case of Protos Verdejo, since it ages for several months on fine lees, the optimal period for consumption is extended to anywhere between a year and a year-and-a-half. Young red wines may be consumed up to two or three years after bottling. In the case of crianza and reserve wines, keep in mind that these should be opened at least an hour before drinking them and if they are very mature, it is best to decant them prior to consumption.

One of the most important principles for PROTOS is the proper conservation of wine until it is ready to be used. Wine must be kept away from sunlight and vibration and it is best that the bottle be maintained in a constant horizontal position, as the inner part of the cork must remain moist at all times. Furthermore, wine must be stored at a relatively low temperature and should never be subjected to sudden fluctuations. In the case of red wines, the ideal temperature is between 14° and 16°C (57° and 61°F).

When it's time to serve it, wine should always be consumed at the recommended temperature. This is the only way to truly appreciate its many bouquets and flavors, as drinking a white wine is very different experience from drinking a reserve wine. PROTOS recommends the following temperatures when serving wine:

- Crianzas and reserves: between 16° and 18°C (61° - 64°F)
- White wines and rosés: should be served chilled, around 7°C (44° - 45°F)

Lastly, give the glasses the consideration they deserve. This is more than simply a matter of aesthetics. The same wine can have a different bouquet and flavor according to the glass in which it is served and these small subtleties are what distinguish a fine wine from an exceptional one.


Protos is a hundred-year-old winery that is a leader in the D.O. Ribera del Duero wines and on the cutting edge of vine-growing in Spain. The new cellar, designed by the prestigious British architect Richard Rogers, is quickly becoming a symbol of the region's culture and Protos is gaining a reputation as a Mecca for wine tourism . Protos is looking to the future, blending together tradition and cutting edge technology to maintain the exceptional quality of its wines, ensuring that the winery continues to be "Number One." Bodegas Protos is a leading brand, enjoying great success not only domestically, but in 80 other countries as well.
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