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From: ScienceScope
Published: Mon Aug 15 2005

Bath, UK – 9 August 2005 – ScienceScope, one of the UK’s leading datalogging companies, are collaborating with partners on the ‘Mobile Bristol’ programme. Mobile Bristol is currently sponsored by Hewlett-Packard and the DTI. It is investigating how mobile devices and pervasive information technology can be used to enhance the ways in which residents and visitors experience and interact with their physical environment and with each other.

The aim is to explore how wireless technology can enhance how we live and interact with the environment. Imagine a digital landscape overlaying the physical world. As we walk around this landscape, we can tap into the digital sounds, sights and interactions that are positioned in the landscape and activated by our presence and actions. The digital landscape is formed from a dynamic and overlapping set of mediascapes that are context-sensitive combinations of digital media and interactions created and deployed by various authors. As people walk through the physical environment, a diverse range of digital media experiences to augment the ambiance and bring these spaces alive.

Working alongside HP Labs, the University of Bristol and other local companies, ScienceScope has developed sensor technology for the Mobile Bristol project. This sensor technology is available in a kit form that integrates with the new 1.7 release of the Mobile Bristol toolkit. Authors will be able to employ a wide range of sensors to trigger the delivery of digital experiences. In addition to GPS sensors ScienceScope’s full range of environmental and bio sensors can now be used within a Mobile Bristol mediascape.

Please contact ScienceScope for further information on pricing and availability.
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