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From: Christopher Buenger Software
Published: Mon Aug 15 2005

The telephone King TapiRex is actually a serious business tool. According to its award winning developer Christoph Buenger it uses the latest technology to help companies and call centers to identify the names of callers at the instant the phones start ringing. Displaying Outlook Contact notes on the caller or the caller’s photograph allows you to get ready with the right answers or questions even before you lift the handset.

TapiRex channels the incoming caller data to screens on the office network to allow the right person to catch the call. According to its developer, TapiRex proved in field tests to be much more accurate in listing names and numbers of callers correctly than the receptionists it was compared against. Unlike humans, TapiRex provides the caller’s name before answering the call and keeps a history of answered and missed incoming calls with time, date, name and number. TapiRex works through the lunch break and is not subject to working hour’s regulations.

How does it work? TapiRex requires a PC connected through a TAPI device to the telephone line. This is straight forward on any computer featuring an in-built modem or ISDN card, in offices most traditional telephone switchboards can serve as a TAPI device to connect to. TapiRex uses the incoming call’s number data to identify the corresponding contact on its database and on Outlook. It can also read most other databases on your computer. TapiRex even checks the internet and online telephone directories to find information on the caller. As soon as it finds the number it will display the entry, where available with notes (for example from Outlook) and photograph (if on record).

At prices starting from $26.90 for the single user version for download from http://www.cbuenger.com/shop/ it is a bargain which the business user should be able amortize within hours. But it also becomes an affordable gadget for the home user. With its modern, open program architecture TapiRex can be used with free addons broadening its range of features and use beyond the traditional office environment. There is a free addon to make it work with Skype, the popular free VoIP service. Using the addon mceTapiRex (nominated for the „Europe xpMCE Award 2004/2005") on a Windows XP Media Center 2005 system displays the incoming call on your TV screen – what a sophisticated gadget! You can even use your remote control to check missed calls on the TV screen. The developer is so convinced that you will appreciate the value that you can download the application from http://www.cbuenger.com/tapirex/ using it during 30 days for free (after which it expires unless you buy it). Now that is something you won’t get when hiring a personal assistant.

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Information on the developer
Christoph Buenger Software is a developer of a award winning software tools. Apart from the recent nomination to the "Europe xpMCE Award 2004/2005 Buenger Software’s mceAuction won the eBay Germany developer price for "Most Innovative Buyer Application". Cbuenger.com offers bundles on request.

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