Car-Scrapyards runs for drivers as winter comes

From: FranceCasse
Published: Mon Dec 20 2010

Winter has arrived on the United Kingdom. The roads are covered with a few inches of snow, making it difficult for the people to drive. As a consequence, there are many more little bumps than usual: there are a lot more chances to break your bumper or to smash in your door. The most obvious solution would be to follow the recommendation of not driving in such bad conditions, but most people can’t afford to just stay at home.

So what to do in case of a little accident? In these hard times, buying new parts may not be an acceptable option for a number of households. On the other hand, it has been proven that used spares are significantly lower that their brand new counterparts. When one barely used part can be six times as low as a new one, there’s no doubt on the benefits regarding your purchasing power. For example, the customers can buy any Ford used car parts for a really decent price while still controlling your budget.

Yet one can never be sure whether one’s buying the quality or not. For instance, a Corsa owner will want to be absolutely certain that the Vauxhall used car parts he’s buying can be fit in his vehicle. It is only a matter of safety. Car-Scrapyards, one of the main parts finders in the U.K., is providing a tool to help the motorists find the appropriate spares. With such a system, the Internet user is guided to the most suitable parts for his vehicle in just a few clicks. And as a rule, the user will be sent many offers concerning his request, combining safety, cheap prices and efficiency.

About FranceCasse

Francecasse is an online parts finder based in France.

Founded in 2006, this concept is the result of the collaboration between Internet development specialists and car experts. The company has simplified the buying and selling of car spares by setting up a website where the supply meets the demand. The British website provides a wide range of car spares and lets any visitor make a car part request for free. The database also contains more than 100 car manufacturers, making it easier for the web users to find their car spares.

In order to reply to these requests, Francecasse collaborates with many car breakers that will reply to the customers instantly. The latter will then receive an e-mail with many offers from the salvage yards, and will have the possibility to choose the most interesting one. Every day, the company helps hundreds of people find their used car parts, putting them in contact with a large network of breaker yards in the U.K.
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