has revealed many drivers do not know the drink-drive limit

Published: Mon Dec 20 2010 has revealed the results of a study* which shows that 14% of people will drink-drive this Christmas, with nearly a quarter of those admitting they don't know how many units are in one drink and 22% saying they don't feel tipsy so it's okay. 1 in 5 say they simply can't be bothered to walk home.

A shocking 71% of the UK admit they don't know what the drink drive limit is, with 9% guessing they could legally have 3 - 5 drinks before reaching the maximum and 4% saying it depends on what or how much they have eaten beforehand.

In response to this has developed an alcohol unit calculator to encourage awareness and moderation when it comes to alcohol consumption. The quick and easy calculator allows the user to select the drinks they would have on an average night and let the application work out how many units this equates to.

18 - 24 year olds are the most likely to drink-drive. Men are more likely to drink drive than women, with 10% of women admitting they do, compared to 18% of men. Women are more aware of how many units they are drinking with 10% more men than women saying they don't know how many units are in a drink.

Will Thomas, the head of motor said: "Alcohol affects different people in different ways and my advice is to not drink at all if driving. Without taking into account the devastating toll paid in terms of injury, death, a driving ban or prison time, a drink-driving offence can more than double a driver's premium or prevent them from being able to obtain insurance at all.

"If a person finds themselves with a conviction, then it's important they shop around to make sure they're getting the best deal on their car insurance. The hike will vary from insurer to insurer and they may find they're able to save money by comparing all the options available to them."

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Notes to Editors:
* Research conducted by Onepoll – Dec 2010 – 2000 respondents

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