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Published: Mon Aug 15 2005

POINT ROBERTS, Wash.- Aug. 15, 2005 - (BS), and (HDS), investor news portals for the Biodefense and Homeland Security sectors, report on developments in biochemical shipping technology through an exclusive article: "HazMats and Vaccines: No Longer Shipping On the Rocks Thanks to Developments in Cryogenic Technology". Spearheading this developmental achievement is CryoPort Inc. (Pink Sheets: CYRX - News), manufacturer of a disposable cryogenic shipper for infectious materials. and are investor and industry news portals for the Biodefense and Homeland Security sectors. The BS and HDS websites do not make recommendations, but offer unique free information portals to research news, exclusive articles, interviews, investor conferences and a growing list of participating public companies in these sectors.

Report Excerpt: HazMats and Vaccines: No Longer Shipping On the Rocks Thanks to Developments in Cryogenic Technology

By Brian Noer, and

August 2005

Liquid nitrogen shipping has become a viable and efficient method of transportation for biochemical samples.

Developments in the technology of utilizing liquid nitrogen instead of the industry standard of dry ice are revolutionizing the shipping of biochemical samples, vaccines, and hazardous materials. The company Cryoport, Inc. (Pink Sheets: CYRX - News) is developing a suite of one way, cryogenic shipping containers, which utilize liquid nitrogen, and allows for the possibility of bypassing several of the drawbacks that make dry ice shipping a relatively unreliable and costly process. Current estimates put the total available market for cryogenic one-way shippers in excess of $3 billion, using only the pharmaceutical and biotech industries as a benchmark. Cryoport recently announced that one biotech firm placed an order for its current reusable shipper and indicated a need for several hundred additional units over the next 6 months.

The transportation of infectious, biological, and chemical materials, as well as vaccines, has traditionally relied upon the use of dry ice packed into specially designed and insulated shipping containers. This method of shipping, while prevalent, is not without its drawbacks, including time and temperature constraints, in addition to rather complex handling procedures for the shipping agents. Developments in the area of liquid nitrogen based cryogenic shipping containers have brought the previously cost constrictive technology to within acceptable parameters of affordability and efficiency, so much so in fact, that cryogenic shipping has now become a viable alternative to traditional dry ice (which is itself categorized as a hazardous material) shipping methods.

"Our goal was to bring to market a one way shipper, which could be used to transport specimens without the worry of getting the container back, making it appropriate for Homeland Defense applications, especially given the current situation in which most countries are very much on the defensive," said Peter Berry, Cryoport CEO.

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