– Fatimah Mouharam will be celebrated in the Moroccan city of Marrakech

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Published: Thu Dec 23 2010

The Fatih Mouharam celebration falls on the initial day of the first month of the Islamic calendar, called Mouharam which depends on the lunar calendar. The celebrations are not typical of a New Year celebration, but instead represent a cultural event where Muslims pay homage to the prophet Muhammad and recited the traditional tale of the Hijra.

The Hijra is traditionally the event where the prophet Muhammad made an eight day journey from Mecca to Medina after hearing of a plot to assassinate him in 622 CE. He established a new community of Islam, joined by two hundred followers and outlined the new responsibilities of the Islamic community.

Muslims visit the mosque during this time and many fast in order to pay respect to the prophet Muhammed. Traditionally Islam dictates that Muslims should fast during daylight hours for ten days until the day they call Ashura. Many will visit the biggest of the mosques in Marrakech, the Koutoubia Mosque and visitors staying in a hotel in Marrakech can enjoy the celebrations.

Fatih Mouharam will fall on 1 March 2011 and is an extremely sacred month for followers of Islam. Fighting is strictly prohibited during this period and it is so called because it is derived from the word ‘haram’, which means forbidden.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: "The celebrations will be low key but represent an extremely sacred event for the Islamic community. Anyone who wants to see the festival should book a hotel online in advance to get the best deals."


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