The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Discovered

From: Radikal Books
Published: Wed Aug 17 2005

For centuries Freemason’s, Knight’s Templar and a whole host of other interested parties have striven to uncover the truth behind the building made famous by the Bible and numerous films and books. Scholars and academics have failed utterly to find its location or any archaeological remains let alone the real reason for its perceived importance. Conspiracy theorists have accused the Freemasons, the Catholic Church and even the Jewish people of covering up the hidden legacy of Solomon’s great building.

Now, Philip Gardiner, in his controversial new book Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed is finally going to disclose the truth.

The discovery came during the research for other books, when Gardiner unraveled the most arcane and Gnostic language of our ancestors – thus opening up a Pandora’s Box of ancient secrets, one of which was the Temple of Solomon.

The secret is not going to be popular with Biblical scholars and Christians, as it truly lies within the folds of a deep-seated psychological method of self-improvement. Gardiner describes the ancient wisdom literature as profound and extremely revealing, not only of the sacred past but also of ourselves.

Moving through the revelations of the Bible, the Koran and other religious texts Gardiner also delves into the "hidden" knowledge of the alchemists and the infamous Knights Templar to make public the secret once and for all.

Thousands of years after this fabled King of Israel supposedly built his huge edifice, Philip Gardiner reveals the startling truth which has ramifications not only in historical and religious circles but also for world peace.

The book is available now from bookstores or online at Amazon.


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