Bodegas Protos creates the "Be First" Awards

From: Bodegas Protos
Published: Mon Jan 03 2011

On 16th December, Bodegas PROTOS presented its "Be First" awards in the new Bodegas Protos facilities in the Valladolid region of PeƱafiel.

From its image to its name, Bodegas PROTOS embraces and identifies with the concept of being first, which has long been the company's position in the world of wines. It is with a great sense of pride and privilege that PROTOS wines, from the Greek word for first, have matured peacefully in the region's very first wine cellars, maintaining a stellar reputation over many years. "Be First" implies leadership, knowledge, quality, distinction, originality and innovation. It also suggests striving to be number one; the first to advance and the first to offer something new. These are the qualities that have distinguished the company during its hundred-year existence, and are the same qualities that Bodegas Protos looks for in its award recipients.

The purpose of the "Be First 2010" award is to recognise the efforts of individuals or institutions demonstrating leadership on the national scene. This year's prize was awarded to the Board of Castilla and Leon, and was claimed by its President, Juan Vicente Herrera, at the Bodega's headquarters. Although the company's new facilities are already fully operational, this first edition award ceremony doubled as an official inauguration, with Mr. Herrera presiding over the festivities. The new facilities were designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners (headed by the British architect, Sir Richard Rogers) and the Catalan studio, Alonso Balabuer and Associates.


Protos is a hundred-year-old winery that is a leader in the D.O. Ribera del Duero wines and on the cutting edge of vine-growing in our country.

The new cellar, designed by the prestigious British architect Richard Rogers in collaboration with Alonso Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados, is quickly becoming a symbol of the region's culture and Protos is gaining a reputation as a Mecca for "wine tourism". Protos is looking to the future, blending together tradition and cutting edge technology to maintain the exceptional quality of its wines, ensuring that the winery continues to be "Number One." Bodegas Protos is a leading brand in its field, enjoying great success not only domestically, but in 80 other countries as well.
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