Displaysense launch new range of mannequins

From: Displaysense Ltd
Published: Tue Apr 17 2007

Displaysense, the one-stop-shop for retail display products, shop display cases and cabinets, have announced the launch of a new range of mannequins with a removable head system.

Displaysense aims to offer its customers diverse and innovative retail display products, and its new range of affordable, realistic mannequins are especially designed with a removable head system. The latest range of mannequins is designed to be suitable for use as shop mannequins, window mannequins and general display mannequins.

Displaysense's new removable head system allows customers to buy a headless mannequin and add a separate screw-on head at a later date. There are currently 12 combinations available in the range, with six male and six female mannequin variations. Heads can be turned left and right to create the desired pose, and both stylistic and abstract heads are available.

From female mannequins with stylistic heads to headless male mannequins, Displaysense caters to provide a range of mannequins to ensure customers are always be able to find display mannequins to match their unique retail specifications.

The latest retail display products available at Displaysense are designed and manufactured exclusively by the company, so UK retail display unit consumers can be assured that this new system of removable head mannequins are unique to Displaysense. What's more, Displaysense's mannequins offer value for money when compared to many high street retailers, and even offer 100 per cent secure ordering online, next day delivery and a 14-day money back guarantee.

Displaysense also offers a variety of showcase counters, exhibition displays and display accessories, as well as brochure and literature holders. Every month, Displaysense offers special deals, clearances and seconds - so if retail customers are looking for bargain retail display units and retail display accessories, they'll be sure to find what they're looking for.

About Displaysense
Displaysense Ltd was established in September of 1978 as a manufacturer of quality bespoke point of sale displays. They have a wealth of experience in bespoke manufacturing and have been able to develop their ever growing standard range of displays which have been manufactured in over 25 countries around the world.

Displaysense works with a large range of clients including, retailers (multiple and independent), blue chip corporate clients, caf├ęs, bars, restaurants and night clubs, shop and office fitters, marketing and promotions companies, designers and architects, product distributors, exhibition contractors and exhibitors, printers, councils and NHS trusts, charities, schools and universities.

Displaysense is a one-stop-shop for retail display products and all shop display, catering display and exhibition display requirements.
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