The Media in Transition Conference - From Gutenberg to Google

This year’s second annual Media in Transition Conference 2007 taking place on September 12th & 13th will gather world’s leading experts, who will discuss the structural transition in the media industry – how the Internet is modifying the way media is produced, distributed and consumed.

[ClickPress, Tue Apr 17 2007] This annual event focuses on content and technology specifically in the entertainment, media and communication industries.

This year’s confirmed speakers are:

• Annet Aris, Professor of strategy and management at INSEAD, Paris
• Martin Stiksel, founder of Last Fm, London
• Matthew Gertner, cofounder and CTO of, Prague
• John Buckmann, founder of magnatune, member of the board of directors of Creative Commons, San Francisco
• Paul Pod, cofounder of, Tape it off the Internet, London
• Les Ottolenghi, founder and CEO of Intent Media Works, Atlanta
• Alexander Wolf, CEO of CELAS, Managing Director of GEMA, Munich

The first Media in Transition Conference opened its doors last year on September 7th and 8th and attracted many early adopters of the digital media world.

Speakers of the 2006 event included top creatives and entrepreneurs such as Simon Willison, Yahoo!, co founder of web framework Django, Martin Stiksel, founder of, Horst Weidenmüller, founder !K7-Records, Santiago de la Mora Strategic Partner Manager for Google Booksearch in Europe, Afrika and the Middle East,
John Buckmann, founder of Magnatune, Genevieve Kunst, Head of European Business development of Amazon, Steve Turnridge, founder of SML Inc., Tom Dyson, R&D Director Torchbox, XML Expert and Python Developer, and many more.

The Media in Transition Conference 2007 will be accompanied by a networking event in the evening of September 12th and offers exclusive sponsoring opportunities
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