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From: Procession
Published: Tue Apr 17 2007

Business Process Management (BPM) has regained both a momentum and credibility after its earlier years of hype. Now industry analysts and many thought leaders are more specific in their statements, and this has enabled Procession to benchmark and define its unique approach to application development.

"These recent developments are long overdue," said David Chassels, Procession’s CEO. "We have been pioneering people-driven software too long in isolation.

"Now things are changing - which is good news. Our mission has been twofold: to remove complexity from application development by encapsulating all business requirements in a single platform and to close the gap between the business and IT by allowing business analysts to build new applications with no coding or traditional compiling.

"The key to ‘how’ was to recognise that it is people and their daily tasks that are both the source of information and the main drivers in any business," he explained.

"In reality, there are fewer than 15 task types, whether human or system, in any business, which can handle any eventuality," Chassels continued. "By expressing these tasks as data, we can build applications in a data-centric environment which, in one development environment, contains all today’s BPM requirements, rules, state, calculations engines, time, user interface and, of course, content."

Procession’s new paper sets out how BPM evolved into a discipline - as described by leading analysts, Gartner Inc. The paper provides a detailed analysis to allow over-pressed CIOs and IT departments to grasp the core capabilities quickly.

"We are not at the end of this journey," said Chassels. "We’ve resolved the ‘easy’ linear processes that cover most business activities - either ‘human’ or ‘system’.

"We are now addressing those areas where people need to step outside these structures to resolve issues or to encourage users to be ’innovative’ in interacting with business software. This a big challenge for the industry - not least because regulatory requirements need to be recognised at all times.

"Procession’s simple and highly people-focused architecture has already enabled us to allow users to build, at run time, a process that suits the circumstances within agreed parameters, ensuring that content integrity is maintained. This is a first in the industry," Chassels claimed.

"The real challenge is making it available to handle the unpredictable as part of the way business works. Procession is close to achieving this," he revealed.


Notes for Editors:

The White Paper
The paper summarises the how Procession’s approach started with some original thinking and years of research and development. It notes both how the BPM market has evolved over the past seven years and how leading analysts and thought leaders now see what vendors need to start delivering.

There is increasing recognition of the relevance of human interaction management software (HIMS). The logical next step is at the application level, where both human and system tasks are seamlessly contained in one platform technology.

In developing its Task Orientated Application (TOA) approach, Procession effectively separates business fundamentals from technology-led delivery mechanisms, thus taking application development to a new paradigm that allows business analysts to build applications working directly with the business. The TOA approach effectively closes the gap between ‘business’ and ‘IT’.

The paper concludes by giving a detailed analysis of how Procession TOA fully supports the BPM discipline and is a complete Business Process Platform as defined by leading analysts, Gartner Inc.

About Procession
Procession is a UK-based and owned company that has developed original and innovative software in Task Orientated Applications (TOA). This TOA approach represents a dynamic alternative to pre-built and/or custom hard-coded applications and represents a paradigm shift in Business Software Development.

Procession has created an Integrated Application Development Environment with, at core, a process engine in a data centric and task oriented architecture, linked to a best in class database and forms development package. Where it differentiates is in the build process which focuses on people and their interaction with in its TOA applications to ensure efficiency, data integrity and quality.

In the words of market analysts the Butler Group, Procession's unique, user-friendly technology ’removes the disconnect between requirement and implementation’. These TOA systems can be added to or modified easily, giving unrivalled ‘agility’. They can also provide management information in real-time to support dynamic Performance Management with guaranteed compliance, as required.

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