The National Institute of Webographers announce NeighborhoodScout as the official “Neighborhood Sear

From: National Institute of Webographers
Published: Tue Apr 17 2007

As the leader in technology-awareness training, assessment and certification for real estate professionals, the National Institute of Webographers looks to showcase exemplary products to best promote technology awareness and adoption by real estate professionals.

Utilizing Neighborhood search on an agent’s website helps to establish a full service website for homebuyers and sellers. Value-added resources such as Neighborhood Search keep the visitor on the website longer. Such a resource also ignites electronic communication between buyers and sellers and the target agent, providing a "lead generation" tool within the agent’s website. It’s a topic of conversation that allows the potential buyer to "reach out" to the agent of their own free will. Showcasing your listed properties is imperative on an agent’s website. However, the search for the perfect neighborhood has equal value to today’s buyer.

"We are excited to showcase NeighborhoodScout’s search engine to the candidates of the REAL ESTATE WEBOGRAPHER™ certification. Today’s consumers want to know as much as possible and real estate professionals who enable that learning will be well ahead of the game. NeighborhoodScout is perfect for agents looking to enhance their consumer offerings well-after certification," said Marc Grayson, president of the National Institute of Webographers.

"We are encouraged to see the National Institute of Webographers take the lead in providing comprehensive real estate technology training and certification. As there are many real estate technologies on the market, neighborhood search inclusive of an agent or broker’s website using NeighborhoodScout, provides another dynamic element to generate personalized leads," said Dr. Andrew Schiller, founder of NeighborhoodScout.

About Location, Inc
NeighborhoodScout™ is a service of Location Inc, a Rhode Island-based company born of university research and specializing in nationwide relocation software, retail site selection, and real estate investment advising. Location Inc couples new technologies with PhD-level geographic expertise to serve the location selection needs of employees, families, and businesses. Location Inc was founded by Dr. Andrew Schiller, who earned his Ph.D. from Clark University's Graduate School of Geography, America's oldest and largest geography Ph.D. program. A team of experts in computer mapping and analysis, web design, and software sales and marketing join Dr. Schiller at the helm of Location Inc. Location Inc's first products, NeighborhoodScout™ and HometownGuides™, serve the needs of national real estate and employee relocation companies. With these two new products, Location Inc is set to change the way consumers select residential real estate and make relocation decisions.

About National Institute of Webographers, LLC
Since 2004, The National Institute of Webographers, LLC has specialized in the education, assessment and certification of web-based technologies known as Webography, an online business strategy designed for real estate professionals. The organization’s interactive courses allow students to learn - at their own pace - the elements necessary for every agent’s toolbox in order to properly create an effective web presence to meet and exceed their client’s expectations. Upon earning the REAL ESTATE WEBOGRAPHER™ certification, real estate professionals become committed to further embracing, accepting and adopting technology for themselves as well as their clients. Real estate technology training for the REAL ESTATE WEBOGRAPHER™ certification includes: Agent Websites, Single-property Websites, Lead Generation and Management, Virtual Tours, CMA and AVM technology, Neighborhood Search, Online Transaction Management, Electronic Forms, Blogs, Mobile Technologies, Virtual Assistants, and finally, the Learning Laboratory™ – a universal demo account for candidates to access an array of showcased technologies. For more information on The National Institute of Webographers, please visit

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