Something to Moo about. Crescent Ridge Dairy Marks 75 years with public party in June.

From: Crescent Ridge Dairy
Published: Thu Apr 19 2007

In recognition of their 75 years, ice cream cones at the Dairy Bar, located at 355 Bay Road in Sharon, will be offered at the "old time" price of 75 cents. Come and enjoy the music, let the kids bounce in the Moonwalk and welcome the cows home for "summer camp". Parents and guardians will also have a chance to obtain an identification package for their child through the Massachusetts Freemasons’ MYCHIP program ( during the course of the day.

Giving thanks for 75 great years in business, Crescent Ridge Dairy will hold a food drive and collect canned and dry goods during the celebration which will be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank. Every Dairy Bar customer who donates a canned good receives a free ice cream cone.

"Surviving and thriving for 75 years in the dairy home delivery business is no small feat. Although dozens of farms from the early days no longer exist, there’s still plenty of competition out there from other home delivery services as well as traditional grocery stores. Providing high quality products, extreme customer service and good value is absolutely essential," noted Mark Parrish, president of Crescent Ridge Dairy.

In 1932, Malby and Mildred Parrish purchased Crescent Ridge Farm and renamed it to Crescent Ridge Dairy. Malby Parrish cleared the land on his 44 acres to make room for additional dairy cows and crops. Four years later, the couple installed a modern pasteurization and bottling plant which built the foundation for the growing enterprise.

Now operated by the third generation of the Parrish family, Crescent Ridge Dairy provides home delivery of all natural, rBST hormone-free milk, award-winning ice cream and more than 150 other top quality food items to more than 100 communities in the Boston area. All milk is pasteurized, homogenized and bottled in environmentally friendly glass bottles.

Crescent Ridge Dairy receives all their milk from the Howrigan Family Farm and the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery. Crescent Ridge Dairy has had a decades-long partnership with Vermont Dairy Farmers, and all Crescent Ridge milk is from cows not treated with the rBST growth hormone (recombinant bovine somatotropin). The dairy’s quality standards are set very high. It’s because of these standards they pay extra premiums to Vermont Farmers to ensure their milk is rBST free.

Named a "Dairy of Distinction" by the Massachusetts Farm Bureau, Crescent Ridge Dairy has received many accolades for their ice cream from The Phantom Gourmet, Boston Parent’s Paper and others.

Quality, Convenience & Extreme Customer Service
Serving more than 100 communities throughout the Boston area, Crescent Ridge Dairy provides the convenience, quality and customer care demanded in today’s busy lifestyles.

In addition to their home delivery service, Crescent Ridge’s "Dairy Bar" offers 31 flavors of ice cream and five flavors of frozen yogurt in addition to other dairy products on-site at their Sharon location year-round, Sunday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Crescent Ridge’s Dairy Bar has been voted "Best Ice Cream Stand" by Boston Parent’s Paper and WRKO Radio’s Pat Whitley Show. Their ice cream has been deemed worthy of "Gourmet Greatness" from The Phantom Gourmet. Crescent Ridge Dairy is located at 355 Bay Road in Sharon, Mass. For more information, contact 800-660-2740 or visit the website at

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