Helps Irish Business Weather the Economic Storm

Published: Wed Jan 19 2011

There’s no doubt that it’s a tough time for Ireland economically and understandably every Irish business is watching the bottom line until the crisis eases. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to keep costs low while keeping quality high and customers happy. That way, Irish business will survive these testing times and be best placed to bounce back when the financial fog lifts. In its own way, Ireland’s leading business supplies company Office1web ( is helping the country’s businesses to weather the economic storm: by keeping the prices of its essential office products at the lowest possible prices.

While it’s only natural that businesses around Ireland will be adjusting their budgets and cutting back on costs while the country faces a double dip recession, there are some costs that cannot be avoided if a business is going to continue to function. Come boom or bust, offices need basic office supplies to keep going, from staple office stationary to office hygiene and cleaning products and kitchen supplies. No matter how bad it gets, if they are to keep going then Ireland’s offices need to keep their photocopiers filled with copier paper and their printers full of toner.

What they can do, however, is make sure that they don’t pay any more than they have to in any area of the business. There’s never been a more important time to look after the cents so the euros look after themselves. Office1web, a long-time supporter of Irish business being 100% Irish owned and based entirely out of Ireland, is helping businesses squeeze those cents and get more from their office products order. They commit to bringing customers the best value quality brands at the lowest price possible, cutting swathes off the recommended retail price. For instance, the 5 Star C Grade Value (Logic) Copier Paper in A4 White in 80gsm is a staggeringly low €2.79 for a 500 pack – that’s a whopping saving of 89%.

Take a look at the thousands of office products which have similar dramatic price cuts at and allow Office1web to help your company weather the economic storm.
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