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Published: Wed Jan 19 2011

You probably know Shorters Club as a wholesale groceries supplier, but did you know our online store at http://www.shortersclub.co.uk/ is also chock-full of all those baby and toddler essentials that you just can’t do without? Any parent knows that having a child is expensive from the get-go: nappies alone can cost a small fortune, and that’s before you’ve bought one jar of baby food! That’s why, at Shorters Club, we regularly help mums and dads to make substantial savings on baby and toddler products.

The cost of having a baby is considerable, from decorating the nursery when baby’s still in mum’s tummy through to buying yet more clothes and shoes for your ever-growing toddler (and let’s face it, the costs continue all the way up until age 18 and over!). When asked, most parents say that the costliest products regularly used from a baby’s birth to toddler age are baby food and drink and nappies. Little wonder, because every growing baby needs nutritious baby drink and food in order to develop into a healthy child, and one little nipper can get through a clean nappy incredibly fast!

With that in mind, Shorters Club have driven down the prices,visit http://www.shortersclub.co.uk/.
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