At NAB Convention, Radio Streaming Technology From Jetcast Affirms Bottom-line Savings To Broadcaste

At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) annual convention in Las Vegas this week, Jetcast unveils its high-bandwidth, high-quality streaming to address the growing costs of broadcast streaming for radio broadcasters.

[ClickPress, Fri Apr 20 2007] At a fixed cost per month, the Jetcast technology debut reveals Jetcast's commitment to high quality audio, removing pricing and space barriers for stations in the U.S. and worldwide.

Driven by experienced radio veterans, Jetcast's goal for the first service of its kind is to save stations money on streaming costs, improving audio quality and eliminating artificial listener "caps" to simultaneous listening imposed by other companies. The massive Jetcast grid of multiple servers have been field-tested and is currently in operation throughout the world as the New York-based firm launches its broadcast model to the radio industry.

New technology breeds lower costs

"Stations are quite eager to hear about economical streaming ideas to save big money," says Michael Dalfonzo of Jetcast, a veteran radio programming, research and software executive. "At the same time, Jetcast's new technology increases stations' bandwidth for higher audio quality.'

"Jetcast reverses the model of stations being penalized for online success," adds industry columnist Tom Zarecki who joins Jetcast with decades of radio programming, consulting and studio automation experience. He continues, "Typically, the more people streaming a station, the higher that station's monthly bill. Even with huge Internet listening spikes, stations using Jetcast can have unlimited simultaneous listeners for the same low price each month."

Stations can be Jetcasting (streaming) from their own Web site within 24 hours of making the commitment, using existing graphics and industry standard Windows Media(R) Player as a convenience to station listeners.

Jetcast, Inc. offers radio broadcasters dependable streaming services with high bandwidth at very low cost. These streams are in turn offered by individual radio stations to their listeners via each station's Web site player and may also be found by consumers on the portal site, Channels on the Jetcast site are from radio and television stations, video channel and webcam program producers, local bands with original music and others with unique content.

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