Zünd America partners with NestONE Solutions to provide JETCAM CADCAM nesting software

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Published: Mon Aug 22 2005

Milwaukee, WI - Zund America, Inc, a subsidiary of Altstätten, Switzerland-based Zünd Systemtechnik AG, today announced a partnership with NestONE Solutions to provide the JETCAM Expert CAD/CAM solution to the US market for its range of digital cutting machine tools for aerospace, automotive, marine, and other industries.

The agreement will offer a number of significant advantages to customers that utilize Zünd machine tools in conjunction with the JETCAM Expert CAD/CAM system:

- Significantly increased production speeds.
- Zund flatbeds have cutting speeds of up to 40"/sec with 1g force of acceleration.
- These speeds combined with JETCAM tool-path optimization features offer the customer unmatched production throughput numbers.
- Tighter nesting
Due to Zund’s advanced vacuum hold down system and unique conveyor system, parts are able to be processed with much less space between parts in the nesting sequence. This vacuum system also allows thicker or more porous materials to be processed without "hold down" issues. When combined with the superior capability of the JETCAM High-Performance Nester, material spend can be reduced significantly, often greater than 10% over previous methods.
- Zund cutters are offered in 16 different bed sizes with many different tooling options.
These tooling options offer more material processing flexibility than any other similar machinery in the market. Delivers the ability to cut anything from very thin materials up to 2" thick foams and other materials.
- Zund conveyor system
This unique conveyor system allows rolls or large sheets of materials to be processed on a machine with a very small footprint (when compared to other machinery). For example; this system allows a customer to process a 138" long job/nest on a machine with a cutting bed length of 63" (requires the machine to make 2 material advances) significantly faster than on a 20 ft. long bed-type machine with no advancing.

- A production solution offered by Zund and powered by JETCAM CAD/CAM provides customers with an unprecedented price to performance ratio. These technologies working together will offer customers greater manufacturing production throughput while significantly reducing scrap for a price comparable to competitive systems that lack these advantages.

A postprocessor has already been developed by JETCAM International to support the advanced functions of the Zund cutter.

Commented Oliver Zund, President of Zund America; "Our strategy is to offer a total solution for manufacturers in the aerospace, marine, automotive, and other markets to best utilize our machine tools. In this age of ever increasing material costs, JETCAM provides Zund customers competitive advantage and the highest material optimization possible."

David Lichtenwalner, President of NestONE Solutions offers the following: "The superior cutting capabilities offered by Zund provide an unparalleled opportunity for producing parts at the highest quality while maximizing material utilization using the JETCAM High-Performance Nester."

For information on digital cutters please contact Chris Nicholson, Zund America, Inc., at infous@zund.com or 414-433-0700 or visit www.zund.com

For information on JETCAM Expert CADCAM software please contact Mike Dixon, NestONE Solutions at mdixon@nestonesolutions.com or 770-814-9810.

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