Clove Technology Launches Mobile Optimised Site

From: Clove Technology
Published: Mon Jan 24 2011

The new mobile optimised version of the Clove website simplifies browsing, making it easy to read information and place an order from a device with a smaller screen. However, rather than providing a lighter version of the full Clove website, the mobile site re-structures the way that information is displayed in order to improve navigation and usability.

As more and more shoppers begin to use a smartphone or mobile device to browse the web, a version of the Clove website optimised for such devices is likely to be well received by customers. A record Christmas of mobile shopping in 2010 has displayed the willingness that consumers have to make purchases from a mobile handset. This growth in mobile shopping is expected to continue in 2011, offering a quick and convenient method of ordering goods online.

It therefore seems logical that a retailer specialising in smartphones should have a website that is optimised for browsing from such devices. Now that many users have access to a reliable 3G connection, web browsing on a mobile device is a much more enjoyable experience. A well-designed mobile website further adds to this, making the best use of the space available on a smaller screen. The mobile version of the Clove website maintains key functionalities, such as the ability to view listings, place an order and search products.

Clove Technology Managing Director Chris Love said of the new mobile site:

"Here at Clove we are constantly looking for ways to improve customer experience, so a version of the website optimised for the devices that we sell is a logical progression. We often find that once a customer has purchased a handset from us, he or she will return at a later date to buy accessories for that device. A mobile optimised version of the website offers another way for a customer to return to our store and browse the site using a device purchased from ourselves. Previously we have been reluctant to offer a mobile version of the website as we did not feel it would offer a high enough browsing experience. However, we are confident that the mobile site we have now launched will achieve this, making the Clove website more accessible than ever for new and returning customers."

When accessing the Clove website from a smartphone or tablet, the browser automatically defaults to the mobile version of the site. Of course, there is the option to switch back to the full version of the site if this is preferred. The following video gives a demonstration of the Clove mobile site, showing how to place an order, search the site and switch back to the full version if desired:
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