An opportunity for literary agents and publishers to find the talent they seek

[ClickPress, Tue Apr 24 2007] Today sees the launch of a new website offering magazine editors, literary agents, and publishers the opportunity to find the talented writers and authors they are looking for.

ďEvery author knows how hard it is to find a good literary agent or publisher,Ē says Nigel Edwards, founder of Letís Get Published, ďand a major reason for this is the lack of time that good agencies and publishers have available to explore new writing.Ē

Literary agents and publishers are busy people. They actually want to discover and promote successful writers. A major reason cited for not taking on new talent or accepting new manuscripts (MSPís) for review is the lack of time available; and the biggest reason for that lack of time is the sheer volume of reviews agents and publishers are asked to conduct. Imagine the mountains of packaged (frequently unsolicited) MSPís that land on their desks every day.
There is a real barrier, where agents and publishers in their offices are surrounded by walls of paper that prevent new authors from getting in! And what do the authors, do? They send them more paper! Day after day after day. So what can be done to ease the situation?

Instead of writers sending out manuscripts to agents and publishers, why donít the agents and publishers go directly to the manuscripts? Absurd? Not at all; the medium to do just that exists with the world wide web. Writers could publish work samples on their own websites Ė but how are the agents and publishers to know where to look? There are millions of writers and thousands of agents worldwide. Whatís needed is a common portal, or meeting place, which is exactly what provides.

Itís simple: authors present up to three chapters of text plus a short synopsis to Letís Get Published, who display the submission on the internet; copyright, of course, remains with the author. Literary agents and publishers can then browse the categorized submissions at their convenience, without having to battle with reams of hard copy, without having to waste time unwrapping parcels of MSPís and dividing them up between the available genre specialists in the office. They donít even need to be in the office, since the web is universal. The benefits donít end there, though. Agents and publishers can look for and find authors when they want. Thereís no more need to rewrap MSPís to return to sender, or write the obligatory note of rejection.

Nick Daws (, author of over 40 publications says ďI think Letís Get Published offers a useful alternative to the regular methods for publishers and authors to find each other. It allows literary agents to quickly and easily assess an authorsí skill-level and the marketability of their writing in a neutral and objective arena.Ē

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