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[ClickPress, Tue Apr 24 2007] Today sees the launch of a new website that offers both published and unpublished authors the opportunity to present themselves directly to the desktops of editors, publishers and literary agents. Letís Get Published is a free to use service for writers, where they can submit samples of their work for publication on the world wide web.

ďItís a clichť to say that everyone has a book inside them,Ē says Nigel Edwards, founder of Letís Get Published, ďbut I happen to believe itís true. There are untold numbers of people out there in the world who have already written their stories but have not, as yet, managed to achieve the delightful aim of seeing their work in print. Letís Get Published is one way of making that goal a little easier to accomplish.Ē

The biggest hurdle budding authors have Ė and this can apply to published authors as well Ė is coming to the attention of a suitable editor, agent or publisher. These are very busy people who are presented daily with ream after ream of manuscripts passing across their desks, or as attachments to their emails. How much time they must waste just sorting through this volume, never mind actually reviewing it!

Letís Get Published offers a solution by providing a common portal where the talents of authors can be displayed for publishers and agents to review at their convenience. Consider the benefits: authors no longer have to look for agents, agents can find them; thereís no more need to enclose postage for returned manuscripts Ė in fact, the service is free full-stop! Plus the author has the pleasure of seeing their name next to their work, and knowing that they have a potential audience of millions.

Sandy Mather (, author of numerous published articles and features says ďLetís Get Published has all the possibilities for offering a really useful service to authors looking to make the jump from just being a writer to being a published writer.Ē

As for publishers and agents, they also receive great benefit. By encouraging authors to present through Letís Get Published they can reduce the costly time needed to unpack, sort and categorise received manuscripts, because thatís all done by Letís Get Published. Instead they can browse to, select the genre of their choice, scan the submissions and contact Letís Get Published for the submitters contact details. Simple!

For more information, contact:

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Phone: +44 1908 563442
Mobile: +44 7799 623736

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