Bodegas PROTOS boasts more than 20,000 visitors to its Winnery in 2010

Published: Tue Jan 25 2011

In 2010, more than 20,000 visitors came to see BODEGAS PROTOS' new facilities, drawn by the complete wine tourism experience that the winery offers. From the moment the cellars opened their doors to the public in March of 2009, the influx of visitors has steadily increased, reaching more than 20,000 for the year 2010.

For only 10 Euros, visitors can enjoy a full 90-minute tour through the old aging cellar, which runs through 2km of subterranean galleries located beneath the mountain under PeƱafiel Castle. The tour ends up in the new Ribera del Duero cellar, designed by the prestigious British architect, Richard Rogers. This tour features a sampling of our Protos Verdejo and Protos Crianza.

However, PROTOS also offers more specialised tours, like the PROTOS Diversity Tour. This experience gives visitors the opportunity to sample four very distinct wines, for more information on the PROTOS Diversity Tour, simply follow this link:
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