FDA approved Tendonitis Treatment

Published: Wed Jan 26 2011

NASA scientists, for years, have studied and applied proven LED Phototherapy technology to provide pain relief and speed up healing using the same technology utilized by TenDlite.

Until recent technological breakthroughs in high powered LED lighting, it took far to much money and machinery to produce effective at home or even medical office based phototherapy devices. The required light energy output was not possible in a compact, affordable medical device. Fortunately, technology has finally caught up. We are proud to introduce the TenDlite. With a powerful 500 mw output of our specific red light wavelength, the TenDlite is an FDA approved medical device indicated to treat all types of tendonitis!

TenDlite has the "Power to Penetrate"

The TenDlite is a safe, extremely effective way to treat your tendonitis without the side effects of drugs or risks of infection and prolonged down time caused by injectable steroids or surgeries.

While doctors and scientists are most impressed with TenDlite’s safety and efficacy, many patients will be most impressed with the incredibly affordable price of this high-tech device. TenDlite costs less than two sessions of Physical Therapy, and can be conveniently administered, without a doctor, at home on your own schedule.

Expensive, addicting and potentially dangerous pain killers can be a thing of the past!

TenDlite has the "Power to Penetrate" deep into the tissue, muscles, tendons and joints to heal and relieve your pain. Beware of inferior devices containing many low powered, low quality red light bulbs. They don’t have the "Power to Penetrate" that TenDlite has.

The "Power to Penetrate" is how TenDlite provides the best results.

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