From: Sports Marketing Surveys
Published: Tue Aug 23 2005

Sumo and Football are the most covered sports on Japanese television. Data from Sports Marketing Surveys shows that in 2004/2005 these two sports took 30% share of sports broadcast on TV.

American sports such as Baseball and American Football followed these sports and the Summer Olympics in Athens was No.3 in the table.

European Football and other international matches were featuring heavily, in some instances at the expense of the domestic J-League – Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid are sometimes better known than Jubilo Iwata and Yokohama F Marinos.

Sumo on the other hand is a purely domestic sport with the audience profiles made up of male, middle class, business men.

In volume terms compared with the UK, Japan TV shows 386,000 minutes of sport in a year, whereas UK TV shows 2,000,000 – nearly six times as much.

The population in the UK is 57 million but Japan has a population of 170 million.

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