Moving Van or Portable Storage? You Decide.

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Published: Thu Apr 26 2007

Moving into a new home is exciting â€" but it can also be stressful. While the reasons for moving may be joyful (read: a new job or a bigger house) the actual process of moving everything you own from one dwelling to another is chaotic at best. In fact, moving is the third most stressful event in life, following death and divorce, according to the Employee Relocation Council.

Let’s face it, the prospect of facing that moving van knowing that your boxes aren’t taped up â€" and that some of them aren’t even packed up â€" can be a dreadful one, much less unpacking it all and putting it away once you get settled in your new abode. The good news is portable storage can take some of the stress out of moving day by giving you a jumpstart.

“Portable storage containers lessen the stress of moving in several ways: you don’t have to wait in line to rent a truck, you don’t have to move all of your belongings into the truck on the same day and you don’t have to unpack it all the same day, either,” said John Finnessy, CMP, Executive Director of the National Portable Storage Association, or NPSA, a nonprofit membership association dedicated to the advancement of the portable storage industry. “Moving can be disruptive to your life, but the convenience of portable storage makes it less disruptive than a taking the moving truck route.”

Here’s how it works: Just call an NPSA member and discuss your needs. The vendor will deliver the storage container and you can fill it at your convenience. You don’t need to walk up a ramp to get into the container because it’s ground level, which makes it easier to transfer the goods from the home to the storage unit. When you are finished loading up a room or area of the house, you can secure the storage unit and tackle the project again the next day. Then, on moving day, you can drive your own car to the new house while the vendor transports your portable storage container for you. On the tail end of the move, you can unload at your leisure rather than rushing to unload so you can get the truck back before the rental facility closes and in doing so leaving a large stack of boxes in the living room to sort through later.

“Moving trucks serve an important purpose, of course, but they can also be limiting, especially for busy people moving across town rather than across the country,” said NPSA Operations Manager Joel Rathbone. “Once you try a portable storage container for moving, you may be sold on the concept because it truly does make a harried experience a little calmer. You can move at your own pace instead of someone else’s.”

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