LAIC Venture Capital announces “Green Energy” Joint venture for a 100 Megawatt Powerplant .

From: LAIC Venture Capital
Published: Mon Jan 31 2011

LAIC Venture Capital has partnered with local professionals in Oregon, and intends to build a 100 megawatt Natural Gas fired Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant. The intent is after the initial 100 megawatt plant is completed and on line then construction will begin to finish building out the plant to 1 gigawatts. The power plant will include modern up to date state of the art technology that will enable this plant to compete with any similar power plant in the area. Modern Carbon Capture Technology could allow this plant to compete with most "Green" power sources. It is the partnership’s intent to offer a cost effective source of electrical power with as little pollution impact as possible.

The Power Plant is being designed to fulfill the voids left by the diminished production capacity caused by the closure and destruction of the hydroelectric power producing dams located on several of Oregon's rivers. Coupled with this actual loss of power generation capacity is the growth of the area’s population with accompanying commercial and industrial growth and Oregon's "green power" interest coupled with recent environmental laws prohibiting new coal fired power plants limits the options limits the sources available for safe and sustainable power production. Natural Gas is the logical choice to fill these shortages with quick to build and reliable power plants.

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