Humorous Fantasy Novel Now Available As An Ebook From The Amazon Kindle Store

From: Brinn Media
Published: Mon Jan 31 2011

Brinn Media announced today the ebook release of And Don’t Forget to Rescue the Princess, A humorous fantasy novel written by prolific short story writer, Marc Bilgrey

The novel is about Al Breen, an unemployed actor who’s zapped into a medieval world where he’s mistaken for a brave warrior (hey, it could happen to anyone). Al is then forced by a king to go on a dangerous quest to rescue a beautiful princess. (Why don’t beautiful princesses have better security?) Al and his new partner, Nigel, an inexperienced knight, must battle a whole host of horrifying creatures, including evil trolls, a monstrous dragon, and other scary things too numerous to mention.

"…a series of amusing adventures involving trolls, dragons, elves, wizards and dental floss."
—Publishers Weekly

"Laughs, thrills, suspense, and the product of a truly wild imagination. You’ll love the book."
—William F. Nolan
Author of Logan’s Run

"Readers who like a lighthearted fantasy filled with slapstick humor, witty repartee and a hero who knows he is a nerd will adore this unusual, original and charming tale."
—Harriet Klausner
Alternative Worlds

Marc Bilgrey, has written short stories that have appeared in anthologies including, Slipstreams, Merlin, Crafty Cat Crimes, and The Ultimate Halloween. He’s also written for magazines, comedians and television. And Don’t Forget To Rescue The Princess was originally published in a hardcover edition by Five Star in 2005. The sequel, And Don’t Forget To Rescue The OTHER Princess, was published by Five Star, in 2009.

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