Easy-to-integrate Embedded UHF Reader Module

From: GAO Embedded inc.
Published: Mon Jan 31 2011

GAO Embedded (www.GAOEmbedded.com) has announced the release of its embedded UHF reader module that is specially designed for applications that with requirements for multiple tag and protocol support in applications such as inventory management, asset tracking, patron management and personnel tracking. This embedded reader is suitable for use in handheld/mobile readers, doorway readers, printers/encoders, and smart-cabinets/shelves.
This easy-to- integrate and compact embedded UHF reader module, model 716003, operates at 860 to 960MHz. It offers software adjustable host interfaces including UART (TTL), SPI and USB and provides a simple and intuitive API for encryption algorithms and key storage. The reader module can read EPC C1 G2 tags at a maximum distance of up to 5 meters and up to 50 tags can be read in a single read operation. It output power is adjustable from 10dBm to 30dBm in 0.1dB steps. The reader also features power control and noise reduction technology.
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