Introducing Franson CoordTrans - Convert geographic coordinates

From: Franson Technology
Published: Tue Aug 23 2005

A coordinate from a GPS typically uses the WGS84 datum. But maps and many GIS applications uses other coordinate systems like NAD83 and UTM. CoordTrans can be used to convert between virtually all coordinate systems on Earth.

Franson CoordTrans can convert single coordinates, large files of coordinates and even live coordinates from a GPS. A large database is included which contains thousands of coordinate systems - datums and grids - from all over the world. E.g. WGS84, UTM, NAD83 and NAD27. The coordinate systems are categorized by country and can also be found by free text search. Custom datums and grids can be defined.

Franson CoordTrans is available for all versions of Windows and starts at $19.95 (US) for a single user license.

For more information, contact Franson Technology, Arkovagen 45, Johanneshov 121 55, Stockholm, Sweden. Phone: +46 8 612 50 70 Email: Internet:

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Evaluation Copy Available on Request

About Franson Technology:

Since 2002, Franson Technology has been developing and marketing GPS components for software developers, as well as quality applications for GPS users.

In addition to Franson CoordTrans the company also markets Franson GpsGate, which is a utility which enables multple GPS application to share one single GPS. And Franson GpsTools, which is a development tool for GPS and mapping applications.
Company: Franson Technology
Contact Name: Johan
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Contact Phone: +46 8 612 50 70

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