Try A Holiday Before Divorce

Vijesh Thakkar, an enterprising entrepreneur, who owns a Mumbai tour company, KV Tours and Travel came up with the novel idea of 'divorce tourism'.

Numerous marriages are destroyed by an extensive range of unrealistic expectations, petty unresolved arguments and overemphasis on unimportant disputes. The goal of ‘divorce tourism’ is to join the testy couple with a 'tour guide' who is in practice a marriage guidance counselor.

The plan calls for the threesome to be around each other for at least seven days. While the couple is sidetracked by being on holiday, being away from their normal routine and circumstances gives the counselor time to make observations, after each counseling session.

Battling couples will frequently fight very viciously about the most basic things. The 'tour guide' can point out what the couple often does not see. Once they can be encouraged to stop the bickering and corrosive behavior, the course can be set for the marriage to improve. This can continue even after the couple goes back home.

Now there is an alternative to the Indian 'Divorce Tourism', option. A stressed couple could spend seven days on a tropical island in the South Pacific, with the option of a counselor available as required.

Swimming in tepid clear waters, lazing by the pool, or sipping a cocktail while watching a tropical sunset in Vanuatu, could be just the therapy needed, after a couple of sessions with a counselor. The tiny 80 island archipelago in the South Pacific is ideally located for this sort of adventure. After all, healing has to occur from inside of a relationship, no matter how great the advice of any counselor.

'Divorce Tourism' could prove to be a more cost effective alternative to a visit to a divorce attorney's office. There are some good cheap airfares and accommodation deals going at the moment.

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