– Kanchanaburi race tests athletes in an endurance of mixed disciplines in March 5,

Published: Fri Feb 04 2011

The River Kwai Trophy 2011 is being organised by Amarin Outdoor Unlimited and is inviting extreme endurance athletes to compete in a race that will test a variety of skills and the fitness levels of contestants.

During the race people will have to show their ability in a total of four consecutive disciplines including running through and overcoming obstacles in the jungle, swimming along the River Kwai, kayaking and biking. As well as racing in temperatures rising to 35 degrees Celsius organisers have warned that competitors should also look out for spiders and snakes along the course while risking dehydration and hypothermia.

Contestants have to race in pairs throughout the entire day with women’s, men’s and mixed race divisions along with categories for older and younger pairings. These will then be split into two race levels, ‘Extreme’ for experienced athletes and the super fit, and ‘Adventure’ for novices and newcomers.

The event, which is held on 5th March 2011, is set to attract athletes from across Thailand as well as overseas visitors and the availability of a Kanchanaburi hotel is set to be reduced as people travel to the city for the race.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: "The River Kwai Trophy is part of a series of races in Thailand that are well known and popular so many people are due to take part. This will have an affect on hotels and will increase bookings so visitors should be sure to book early."
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