KERMEL offers emergency HEROSKIN™ protection

From: French Technology Press Bureau
Published: Wed Aug 24 2005

KERMEL is one of Europe's leading companies producing non-flammable fibres used in the manufacture of garments for firefighters, military personnel, law-enforcement and order professionals, as well as personnel working in industries that involve employees working in a hazardous environment.

The new HEROSKIN™ twill fabric is made up of 99% of Kermel® thin fibres and 1% of antistatic fibre. The Kermel® fibre is a permanently non-flammable, Polyamide-Imide fibre. HEROSKIN™ provides excellent thermal insulation as well as good mechanical strength and a high degree of chemical resistance. Its almost circular shape and its low modulus give it a soft and silky touch resembling natural fibre based fabrics.

The main asset of HEROSKIN™ is that, compared with other fibres, Kermel® is solution-dyed during the manufacturing process. This distinctive characteristic makes it possible to achieve the best results for colour fastness.

Additionally, unlike rival fibres, Kermel® does not pill, enabling the garments to maintain a faultless appearance over time.

KERMEL offers a full range of made-to-measure HEROSKIN™ fabrics, in different weights, weaves and colours. The new generation of HEROSKIN™ fabrics broadens the range of fabrics used in emergency intervention garments. KERMEL is thus introducing a flexible and comfortable up-market fabric, one which meets the most stringent standards while at the same time remaining competitively priced.
The HEROSKIN™ fabrics have been awarded ISO 15797 certification – the standard in industrial cleaning. There is no change to their appearance after 50 washes at 75°C followed each time by a tunnel dry at 155°C. This certification meets the expectations of fire brigades for whom cleaning and decontamination have become essential requirements.


Emanating from research carried out by Rhône Poulenc in the 1960s, the Kermel® fibre has been produced from the outset on the Colmar site in the Alsace region of eastern France. KERMEL has developed a range of new generation outer fabrics making it possible to comply with the most stringent requirements in terms of protection, comfort and durability – Kermel HTA® (Evolution, Premium); Kermel® HeroSkin™; Kermel® Profil; Kermel® Pro-Active; Kermel® V50; Kermel® V70; Kermel® R-Liner; etc.

The Kermel® fibre is used in outer fabrics, membrane supports, thermal barriers and comfort linings. It is used to make permanent wear uniforms for fire services and police forces, for all types of special dress subjected to extreme conditions (wildland fire fighting, flying suits, tank crew uniforms, etc.), and for work garments in high risk industries (petrochemicals, iron and steel industries, glass blowing, electricity, etc.).

Recent successes have confirmed the high performance levels of Kermel®. The Paris Fire Brigade has just chosen Kermel® uniforms; all Italian firemen are dressed in Kermel® (summer and winter garments); French customs agents and officers have also chosen Kermel® blends as have public order units in England and the Swedish police force. Additionally, Kermel® is widely used across large industrial sites in France and across the world.

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