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Published: Thu Aug 25 2005

Beginning in January 2004, The Book of THoTH and its vast knowledge base is becoming like the legendary Library of Alexandria, growing exponentially by the day.

The ideas, discussions and references keep growing, like an ever expanding interactive reference volume for a huge range of fascinating subjects, covering Paranormal Phenomena, Science, Environmental and nature issues, Astronomy, History (regular and alternative) even Movies and Music.

The discussion area is huge, with well over forty thousand entries, and this is expanding rapidly also. The knowledge within this book is priceless.

The Book of THoTH doesn’t force its views on its members; or promote any one set of ideas, it actively encourages debate and discussion to create a true learning forum without any kind of bias, which shows within its pages.

Its aim was to become the news and views that truth seekers, intellectuals, experiencers, authors and scientists worldwide could share and debate. To that end it has succeeded admirably. The community spirit is second to none.

At the heart of The Book of THoTH are its core staff, who keep things running smoothly as well as inform, enlighten as well as keep you laughing. Here are a few thoughts from each of them…

JamYam - Moderator of History Of The World, Great Civilisations, Alternative History and Civilisations

"Perhaps that I’m a "mod" in the History and Civilizations section of the forums because the topic is very interesting to me and one that is sometimes overlooked in terms of the paranormal. I try to help as much as I can and reside in Colorado but am a native of California. I’m an Area 51/Roswell freak, but enjoy the things that every other person on here would."

Weepingmoon - Moderator of Animal Kingdom & Cryptozoology, Nature & The Environment

"From pictures of mysterious animals to informative discussions on topics such as Bigfoot or lake monsters or any and all of the strange and unusual world of Cryptozoology, The Book Of THoTH offers a wonderful place for everyone to read and interact on all these topics.

In our Nature & The Environment section you will find current information on numerous topics such as alternative fuel sources and weather, personal experiences with severe weather plus strange and unusual Nature/Environment phenomena.

The Book Of THoTH is an endless book with open pages, visit today and add you stories or thoughts. "

PhantomQueen: Moderator of Mysticism & Occult, Politics & Government, History Of The World, Great Civilisations, Music

"I have yet to find a place on the net where so many different views can be expressed without having to worry about "stepping on anyone’s toes."

Here at the BOT, we strive for, and work towards creating an environment where discussions about topics (politics and religion) that are notorious for causing heated arguments and ill feelings, remain just that…discussions, with the intent of opening the eyes and minds of many to the many various points of view in the world. "

ReverendChaos - Moderator of The Human Condition, Dreams & Dreaming, ESP & PSI, and Ghosts & Spirits.

"In the sections that I moderate, you will find everything from the nature of skepticism and recurring nightmares, to telepathy and poltergeists. Each of those sections contributes in their own way to the search for answers in a world of the unexplained. No journey into the nature of the paranormal would be complete without a dive into the many topics covered within.

At the Book of THoTH you will find current news, interesting conversations, enlightening articles, philosophical debates, and possibly answers to what you’ve been questioning. All are welcome here at BoT. The only requirement is a desire for learning and, once you join us willingly, perhaps a lot of your spare time. "

Evadatam5150 - Moderator of Fun Stuff and Sounding Off

"It is our goal in Fun Stuff and Sounding off to add a little levity and fun to the Book. In these areas you will find comics strips, funny videos and news from around the world that you just can’t help but laugh at. In addition we have some great people here who, in their own way, can be outrageously funny and offer up their skewed view of the world that usually results in threads that you just can’t help but get addicted to.

The ongoing banter between co-mods Cato9tails, Evadatam5150 and XSpectrAX usually results in a humorous all out war of words that is a good distraction from the more serious discussion here at the book such as: Anal Probing and Bigfoot’s mating habits. In fun Stuff and Sounding Off we would much rather discuss more important topics of the day, things like: The evolution of the Twinkie and well, I guess anal probes would fit in here as well. If you’re looking to laugh and have a good time, or simply get something off your chest, then this is the place for you."

OddThings - Moderator of Politics and Conspiracy Theory

"In the conspiracy theory section you’ll find pages full of information and debate about all your favorite conspiracies. From JFK to 9-11 to the NWO. If there’s a possible conspiracy, it’s probably been, or being, discussed.
In the politics section you’ll find a bit of many things from the paranormal, to the regular. What’s your favorite politician doing? Who’s corrupt and who’s not? What are your elected officials doing? Are they going about it the right way? Debate all of this and more. "

WhiteTiger – Moderator of Divination

"Discussion, links, theories, personal experiences etc. covering all forms of divination, it’s assorted histories, practices and anything else related to it. From arithmomancy to xylomancy, if it’s used to seek information remote in either time or location, it’s fair game in this section.

There’s a demo thread in which those interested may post a question and receive a tarot response, so that they can have firsthand experience and judge the reality/validity of "readings" for themselves. (No, it’s not a help/support thread; it’s a demo thread) "

While the staff works diligently to keep the forums running smoothly, there would be nothing for them to do without the great members who keep the discussions flowing with new idea and points of view. Here’s what a few of them had to say about the Book of THoTH:

EnochLeading –

"Greetings everyone!

I just discovered this community and was very impressed with the wide variety of topics, which are discussed here. Many of which hold special interest for me! Needless to say I couldn’t resist signing up hehe.

Some quick info about myself:

I’m a 29-year-old male living here and now. I have a degree in comparative religions and have an avid fascination with alternate history and the nature of existence (both the physical and the spiritual, and how they interact/coexist). I have a fairly complex yet very simple worldview now, which is summed up, in my signature.

It’s a pleasure to meet you all and I can’t wait to start getting involved with the community here! "

MadTheorist –

"I’ve had the pleasure of reading this site for a while now … I finally made the big step and registered … LoL

I look forward to exchanging with this community for a long long time

This is the best site I have ever had the chance to stumble upon. "

Cozmoz –

"Hi all, Cozmoz here, just would like to say that I’m glad that I finally stumbled across BOT and that I’m very impressed by the site. I’m looking forward to having many debates about numerous subjects in the future. Lets just hope no one slaps a d-notice on us all. "

Kybelstar –

"Greetings everyone,

I just joined a day or so ago and I am just mind boggled over this site! How on Earth did I miss this one until now?

This is an absolutely wonderful site.

I’m a shaman, but darned if I’m not just regular me, a mom, grandma, wife and friend.

I look forward to reading all these wonderful posts. Hoping I can contribute in a good way to the group. "

Krandasi –

"Hi everybody. I was given this link by a friend so I thought I’d check it out. Looks nice here. Lots of topics I like to discuss. "


"Thought I better pop in to say hi to everyone, This is a really great site with a lot of valuable info, I’m glad I found it,"

As you can see there are many great things to be said about the Book of THoTH, as well as many great members, and discussions to hold the interest of any who don’t mind walking the world with an open mind. To visit the Book of THoTH and see the community for yourself visit:
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