A Well-Known Internet Marketer is Seeking More Joint Venture Partners for His Giveaway Program

From: WebTrafficIdeas.com
Published: Thu Aug 25 2005

A well-known internet marketer, Simon Macharia, has founded a giveaway joint venture program titled MassiveGiveAway.com. It is still in pre-launch stage and Simon is still seeking more joint venture partners for this giveaway program.

The MassiveGiveAway.com is a cooperative list building joint venture program. In this type of joint venture, all partners contribute a product or service to be listed in the giveaway site and then promote the giveaway site to their subscribers. Everyone who wants to get a product or service contributed by a given partner must sign up to that partner’s mailing list. The expected result is an increase in subscribers in each partner’s mailing list.

Unlike many list-building joint venture programs that can last for weeks or even months, the MassiveGiveAway.com will only be an intense 10-day event. However, Simon expected to get at least 100,000 signups within that 10 days joint ventures.

There are already about 55 gifts being given in the downloads area, which means that there are already at least 55 partners joining this joint venture program. One of them is the well-respected marketer, Michael Rasmussen, from Freeadvertisingforum.com

A cooperative list building joint venture program such as the MassiveGiveAway.com might be a good opportunity for internet marketers who want to increase their subscribers’ list substantially. For more information on the MassiveGiveaway.com, please visit http://webtrafficideas.com/massivegiveaway/

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