CEO Tom Nies "Gives Forward," by Investing in People for Future Global Expansion Plans

[ClickPress, Fri Mar 04 2005] CINCINNATI, OH -- Cincom Systems, Inc. fueled by recent record-setting financial performances, including:

-- Its second most profitable year ever in 2004
-- The three most profitable consecutive years in its 36-year history
-- Its 19th straight year of generating over $100 million in revenue a
feat unparalleled in the software industry except for one other company ...

is hiring and investing in people to pursue its aggressive, long-term global growth strategy.

With over 100 well-paid job openings now approved, Cincom is seeking applicants in virtually all areas of the company, including: sales (pre and post), sales management, marketing, engineering, services, and product management. Plans call for hundreds of additional job openings in the next two years to meet aggressive revenue targets.

Cincom achieved its recent remarkable success during a tough and turbulent economic climate under the leadership of founder Tom Nies, the longest-serving CEO in the computer industry, and once hailed by former President Ronald Reagan as "the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit of American business."

Giving Forward ... Jobs, Opportunities, Hope

Tom Nies believes strongly in a concept called "Giving Forward," according to Steve Kayser, Cincom's PR Manager. "That means utilizing the entrepreneurial spirit to create innovative products and services that then create jobs to lift the economic well-being of all.

Tom's entrepreneurial job creation "gives (pays) forward" benefits that contribute to the economic and social uplifting of society. True entrepreneurs create jobs, opportunities, and hope. Tom Nies has created more than 10,000 jobs and opportunities. Those jobs and opportunities spin, spiral, soar, and give back to the community and company many times more than ever invested.

This ripple effect benefits us all. These jobs help to provide income that is then used to feed and raise families, provide healthcare and security, buy houses and cars, and pay for college. The greatest "giving back" a successful person can do is to "give forward" by helping to enable, empower, and teach others the skills, traits, and values that have made them successful. The greatest payer-back of society may ultimately be, in the end, the "entrepreneurial job creator who gives forward."

But to what does Mr. Nies attribute the recent successes? One simple rule: "Help our customers grow their businesses faster and more profitably, with far less upfront investment, much less risk and much greater and quicker ROI. Simple rule. But it's worked so well for 36 years, why change now?" says Mr. Nies.

About Cincom

Cincom, the world's most experienced software company, builds, sells, and supports software for 1) data access and integration, 2) process automation, 3) manufacturing business solutions, and 4) business communications. Cincom serves thousands of clients on six continents including BMW, Citibank, Boeing, Northwestern Mutual, Federal Express, Ericsson, Penn State University, Messier-Dowty, Siemens, Rockwell Automation, and Trane.

For more information about Cincom's products and services, contact Cincom at 1-800-2CINCOM (US Only), send an e-mail to, or visit the company's website at

About Tom Nies

Tom Nies, the longest-serving CEO in the computer industry (36 years), has the distinction of being featured in the famous Smithsonian Institution, and was recently honored as the 2004 Regional Technology Winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year program.

$5 Million for $1?

Tom Nies started Cincom Systems, Inc. in 1968 with $600, a card table, and a dream. He grew it into a global organization that now serves thousands of clients on six continents. The results of that $600 investment? It's generated over $3 billion in revenue, or ... $5 million of revenue for every dollar invested.

Over the last three years, Mr. Nies has led Cincom to its best business performance years ever through some of the most challenging economic conditions since the Great Depression, especially in the technology industry.

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