Hub Plumbing & Mechanical rolls out the Red Carpet on the South Shore, including REAL 24/7 service.

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Published: Thu May 03 2007

South Shore residents are in for a treat formerly reserved for Bostonians… Can you imagine your plumber rolling out a red carpet to protect your floors? Or REAL 24 service, with fully licensed technicians ready to respond to plumbing emergencies any hour of the day or night, every day of the year?

Welcome to the world of Hub Plumbing & Mechanical, a full service Boston-based plumbing company that is revolutionizing the plumbing industry. "Word has spread about our unique Red Carpet program that has brought rave reviews from customers," notes John Wood, founder and CEO of Hub Plumbing. "As a result, we’ve been getting calls from residents on the South Shore asking when we would start servicing their area. The South Shore has been underserved and we intend to fill the void. After expanding our fleet and adding technicians, we’re now ready to serve the plumbing needs of residents on the South Shore, from Quincy to Duxbury and every town in between."

In addition to protecting your floors with red carpet, Hub’s experienced teams of licensed technician also cover their work boots with stain-resistant booties, wear ID badges for security purposes, and arrive on time and smartly dressed in crisp, clean uniforms.

Wood explains Hub’s Red Carpet program, "We really want to take the plumbing industry to the next level. The stereotype of a plumber is a guy who shows up when he wants, sporting a grizzly beard and tattered, filthy clothes. We are transforming that image to a more professional, friendly, customer-centered approach. We understand the personal nature of inviting a plumber into your home."

Hub Plumbing & Mechanical also differentiates itself in other ways. The company does not charge by the hour, but by the specific project. There are no surprises. Each project is tightly estimated and pricing is consistent for service in Wellesley and Dorchester, from the affluent to the working man.

In addition, Hub has REAL 24 hour service, with fully licensed technicians ready to respond to plumbing emergencies any hour of the day or night, every day of the year. The live dispatcher that answers your call internally can evaluate your plumbing problem and provide immediate service, or schedule service at the customer’s convenience.

Dedicated 2nd and 3rd shift night dispatchers internally handle all calls at Hub Plumbing, not an answering service. The difference between the two enables Hub to get real-time info on the customer 24/7 to expedite the call as efficiently as possible.

Soon to become a familiar sight on the South Shore, Hub’s fleet of shiny red "supertrucks," are rolling warehouses with an enormous inventory, ready to fulfill every plumbing, heating and mechanical need at any time of the day, every day of the year for both residential and commercial customers.

Creating customer confidence
"As a result of these efforts," adds Wood, "we’ve become the ‘cleanup’ company. We respond when others don’t, even someone’s ‘regular’ plumbers, and we wind up earning a customer that stays with us from then on. We know that people become really frustrated and irritated when a company that they've spent thousands of dollars with in the past doesn't respond when it's most important to the customer. At that point, they call Hub Plumbing, we answer, save the day, and gain a loyal customer."

The customers' right to safety and professionalism is Hub Plumbing's #1 priority. For added peace of mind, background checks and random drug screenings are conducted on all Hub technicians, which ensures customer confidence in the reliability of service providers regardless of the day or hour that they are dispatched to the customer's residence or place of business.

About Hub Plumbing
Hub Plumbing & Mechanical takes the plumbing industry to the next level, utilizing a professional, friendly, customer-centered approach.

Hub Plumbing & Mechanical was established in 1999 and now includes a staff of 16 full time employees. This full service plumbing company assists residential and commercial customers with code violations, sewer/drain clogs, garbage disposals, water heaters, water filtration, steam and hot water boilers, thermostats, leaky faucets, tub valves, gas pipes, appliance installation, and outside hose faucets.

Hub Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. is located at 1444 Dorchester Avenue, Boston, MA. For more information about Hub Plumbing & Mechanical call 1-866-HUBPLUMBING (482-7586), email, or visit

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