Ideasbynet staff go to work naked

From: Ideasbynet
Published: Wed Feb 16 2011

Ideasbynet has announced that several members of brave staff stripped down to their underwear in celebration of national 'Go to Work Naked Day' and raised over £200 for a local hospital.

After designing a promotional wall planner featuring interesting dates and distributing to customers, Ideasbynet decided it had to lead the way in marking the special days it had chosen.

Originally, the 1st February was the date of 'Working Naked Day', which allowed people to work from home, stripped of office resources. However, inspired by the marketing company who featured in Channel 4's Naked Office, Ideasbynet decided to take the brief a little more literally.

Most of the team kept their underwear on but a few extremely courageous characters went for the 'Full Monty' – apt for a Sheffield-based company.

Anna Hinde, client services director and the one female to spend the day completely nude said of the experience: "It was pretty strange at first obviously but I did find myself getting used to being undressed and it was for a great cause. Thank you so much to everyone for getting into the spirit and for being so supportive of one another - so to speak."

Some dates on the wall planner are not so blush-inducing - Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day was a favourite in January - but once the red cheeks had subsided, the team found themselves liberated by the experience.

As company director, Peter Howarth added: "The problem now is in getting staff to put their clothes back on."

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