– Kathmandu celebrates 3rd annual Zangchod ceremony from 19 to 24 March 2011

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Published: Thu Feb 17 2011

This is an annual prayer event and is based on the Hindu practices of Samantabhadra,
or more commonly known as "The King of Prayers".

This is the belief that Samantabhadra obtained spiritual enlightenment with the perfection of positive deeds. The prayers associated with the Zangchod Bum celebration represent the activities of Bodhisattva who is any human who is motivated by a great compassion and who wishes to attain a Great Enlightenment for the benefits of all humans. The people performing this are referred to as heroes or heroines.

Those taking place in this ritual are said to achieve the benefits of purifying negative energies of both past and present lives, awaken one’s disposition through life, protection of positive effects from positive actions, inspires individuals to engage in the five paths of Bodkisattva and one day be able to receive perfect compassion, wisdom, love, and the means to help others.

Anybody staying at hotels in Kathmandu for this year’s event may take this opportunity to explore all the rich culture Kathmandu has to offer such as visiting the sunken flower garden and pond at the Garden of Dreams or the Kaiser Library with its ancient books or view some erotic 17th century carvings at Jaganath Temple.


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