Budget-priced Smile Makeover Holidays to Hungarian Dental Paradise by Hungarian Dental Travel

From: Hungarian Dental Travel Limited
Published: Fri Aug 26 2005

Chris Hall, the director of Hungarian Dental Travel Limited, said „I am delighted to be able to announce our service to the UK market, as there is a great demand on quality dental care and cosmetic dentistry. People do want to be healthy and look attractive and knowing their smile is their most precious accessory. For instance the average price of a veneer in England is £500, in Hungary it is available from £170. Therefore our clients can have a beautiful smile, like the celebrities, but for an affordable price"

The importance of oral health and dental prices in the UK and US are well known by now. Untreated teeth problems can lead to mouth cancer, low immune system, heart problems, daily fatigue, mood swings and also linked to early child birth. However, the dental procedure can be extremely expensive and frustrating. Hungarian Dental Travel Limited (www.hungariandentaltravel.co.uk) - a UK travel organiser company has just been launched and offers surprisingly inexpensive cosmetic dentistry (less then 60% of UK price on average,), spa treatments, beauty therapies, opticians, hairdressers, nail technicians and suitable hotels in Hungary.

Enjoying the advantages Hungary can offer is not unknown for the Western European market, having the Swiss, German and Austrian dental patients going there for more than 15 years, satisfied customers who return back to their secret makeover holiday for more, every year.

Hungarian Dental Travel Limited is happy to give every individual the same opportunity by a teeth designer for the fraction of the UK or US price.
Company: Hungarian Dental Travel Limited
Contact Name: Cecilia Varga
Contact Email: hungariandentaltravel@gmail.com
Contact Phone: +44 20845 612 1988

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