Veteran copywriter launches new website, freelance service

From: The Hired Hand
Published: Fri Aug 26 2005

LANGHORNE, PA (August 26, 2005) – In today’s competitive economy, numerous businesses have found success by specializing in a particular field. Veteran copywriter Darcy Silvers, however, specializes in just the opposite: versatility.

"I don’t have a niche," says Silvers, aka The Hired Hand. "That’s what makes my work so exciting. I’m constantly learning. I immerse myself in my client’s business, so that I can give sound advice – and solid copy.

"Today’s marketing industry buzzwords are ‘cross-channel marketing,’ ‘consistency of message,’ and ‘channel conflict,’" says Silvers. "Yet many businesses develop their marketing, advertising and PR campaigns in silos. My goal is to help businesses see the overall marketing picture, develop a cohesive strategy, and craft messages targeted to their specific audiences."

Targeting one’s audience is key, says Silvers. Her messages have reached a broad spectrum of audiences, including:

- Retail
- B2B
- Government
- Education
- Nonprofit
- Travel
- Automotive aftermarket
- Health
- Technology
- The arts

With a degree in journalism, Silvers draws on more than 25 years of experience in the communications field. In that time, she has worked for a major metropolitan daily, a top U.S. advertising agency, a national publisher, a 7-county governmental agency, a 6-store retail chain, an educational nonprofit, and consumer goods manufacturers. Her writing projects have included e-commerce, direct mail, point of sale, radio spots, public relations, magazine articles and more.

"Public relations is my passion," says Silvers, who is an accredited public relations professional. She holds accreditation from both the Public Relations Society of America and the International Association of Business Communicators.

She is also active as a community volunteer, and has sat on several boards as publicity chair. In addition, she is a nationally trained advocacy specialist and trainer for Hadassah.

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