PhatWare Announces CalliGrapher 8.0

From: PhatWare Corporation
Published: Mon Aug 29 2005

PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the immediate availability of CalliGrapher 8.0. Most notable new features of the award-winning handwriting recognition software include support for Windows Mobile 5.0, a new soft input panel called Write Pad and the Statistical Analyzer.

CalliGrapher, one of the most popular Pocket PC handwriting recognition applications on the market, analyzes pen strokes written in any application window or in the designated Write Pad area, then converts those pen strokes into text and sends the recognized text to the target application. Employing advanced fuzzy logic and neural net techniques, CalliGrapher recognizes arbitrary alphanumeric strings as well as words contained in its integrated dictionary.

CalliGrapher 8.0 supports the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 software platform. In addition to the classic CalliGrapher "Write Anywhere" input method, which allows users to enter handwritten information anywhere on the screen, CalliGrapher 8.0 introduces a new soft input panel called Write Pad. Write Pad is a specified area at the bottom of the screen where users can enter handwritten information that is instantly recognized and converted to the digital text. The text can be easily sent to the desired application.

"We developed CalliGrapher 8.0 to enhance Pocket PC computing through a unique handwriting recognition application," said PhatWare President Stan Miasnikov. "We believe we have accomplished this with Write Pad and the Statistical Analyzer; and our Beta testers agree."
CalliGrapher 8.0 includes a new Statistical Analyzer feature that improves overall handwriting recognition quality by addressing common recognition errors. The analyzer learns the user’s writing habits by accumulating information about the words the user writes over a period of time. When enough data is collected, the analyzer automatically fixes common recognition errors based on the user’s writing patterns.

Users can now switch between four recognition modes, including mixed cursive and print, upper case characters only, numbers only and Internet addresses, for more accurate recognition. The RiteCalc feature allows users to write simple mathematical formulas that CalliGrapher will solve.
Additional new features include improved handwriting recognition engine, new color selector to choose pen and Write Pad colors, improved graphics, floating and attachable on-screen keyboard with autocomplete, the ability to import and export user dictionary and Auto Corrector word lists as a text file, and improved support for landscape screen layout and full-VGA devices. A complete list of new features can be found on the CalliGrapher 8.0 Web site,

"With the latest enhancements to CalliGrapher’s handwriting recognition technology, Calligrapher 8.0 delivers a powerful, compelling way professionals can capture information on their Windows Mobile 5.0-based Pocket PCs," said Chris Hill, group product manager, Windows Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft Corp.

In addition to handwriting recognition, CalliGrapher offers PenCommander, an easy-to-use PC navigation tool, and a "Quick Correct" window for fast correction as the user writes. CalliGrapher also offers language pack offerings for 11 foreign languages and Medical Pack, a 130,000-word professional-strength English language medical dictionary.

CalliGrapher 8.0 supports devices running on Windows Mobile 2003 or later. The software can be purchased from the PhatWare Web site for $39.95. Owners of previous versions can upgrade to CalliGrapher 8.0 for $24.95. For more information about CalliGrapher 8.0 or other PhatWare products, visit


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