Buyertools’ virtual hand snipes eBay auctions at the last minute

From: Buyertools Ltd
Published: Tue Aug 30 2005

Cambridge, Hamburg. 30 August 2005. -- Adam Smith wrote Wealth of Nations in 1776 creating the invisible hand concept. Today, "eBay"© comes closest to Smith’s theories in meeting the wishes of sellers with the wants of consumers. "eBay" has over 100 million users, in some cities over 40% of the population are registered. "ebay" is the market place for everything and all of us. Now a specialist software developer has released a helping virtual hand for bidders, described as a sniper tool. You can set the application called Buyertools Reminder v1.5, to automatically place your bid a few minutes before the hammer falls. The software even dials into the internet to place your last minute bit for you, reducing other people’s chances to outbid you, and increasing your chance to land a bargain.

The application comes with a long list of features. It supports multiple auction bids and most international eBay sites, secure SSL login and it allows you to set a sound, pop-up- or SMS-message to remind you when an auction is about to end or any other event you want to be reminded of.

Buyertools Reminder 1.5 is independently certified (by Softpedia) to be free of adware or spyware, so no personal or statistical data is being sent from the user’s computer to either the vendor or third parties. And unlike other sniper software Buyertools Reminder is absolutely FREE. Yes, you simply download it from to start sniping eBay auctions.

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Buyertools Limited is the specialist developer of online auction, shopping and price comparison applications. "Our tools create transparency in an increasingly complex market place", says Managing Director Christoph Berndt, and adds: "We offer the bidder the tools and information necessary for a head start in any eBay auction."

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