F-Secure’s New BlackLight Technology Detects and Removes Rootkits, Fights Next-generation Stealth Vi

From: F-Secure
Published: Mon Mar 07 2005

F-Secure has today announced new technology to combat rootkits, a serious emerging security threat to PCs and servers. Rootkits are ‘stealth’ software which can hide malicious programs, such as viruses, Trojans, spyware and keyloggers, so that they are invisible to conventional anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions.

F-Secure’s new BlackLight Rootkit Elimination Technology is the first solution available from an anti-virus vendor to detect and eliminate the files, directories and processes that are hidden by rootkits, and are undetectable by current security products. A Beta trial version is available for FREE download from www.f-secure.com/blacklight

"Powerful Windows rootkits have the potential to become a major problem in the future," says Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer at F-Secure. "Rootkit programs gain access to everything on a computer and can silently do whatever they want. These attack programs penetrate PCs and servers via viruses or vulnerabilities. After the rootkit has placed its payload, conventional security products - including anti-virus and spyware programs – cannot detect or remove them."

Malware that uses rootkits to hide from conventional detection already exists, for example the Win-Spy, PC Spy and Invisible Keylogger spyware programs and viruses including Maslan and Padodor. During February’s RSA security conference in San Francisco, Microsoft Corporation and security industry experts expressed their concerns about the rising rootkit problem. For example, the Windows XP operating system is unable to show files or processes deployed by many rootkit programs, leaving users unaware of their presence.

F-Secure is releasing a Beta version of F-Secure BlackLight Rootkit Elimination Technology which will be available as a free download from 10 March 2005. The company will announce further products and solutions that use BlackLight Technology during this year. This will further strengthen the company’s existing host security offering which includes centrally managed anti-virus, firewall, intrusion detection and anti-spyware solutions.

The first public demonstration of the F-Secure BlackLight technology will be on 10 March at CeBIT in Hannover (10-16 March, Hall 7, booth Nr. D 14). For more information about F-Secure BlackLight, please visit www.f-secure.com/blacklight. A Beta-level trial version of the technology will be announced on the same date and it will be available for download at the same address.

F-Secure contact: Patrik Runald, +44 (0)1494 688249 / patrik.runald@f-secure.com

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