Zoomin Groomin Mobile Pet Spa Encourages Employers and their Employees to Celebrate “Take Your Dog t

From: Zoomin Groomin Mobile Pet Spa
Published: Mon May 14 2007

Employers throughout New England can experience first hand the benefits of the positive impact of pets in the workplace by participating in the worldwide "Take Your Dog to Work Day".

Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWD) operates on the premise that employees share their positive experience of dog ownership by taking their well behaved dog to work, and co-workers who are non-dog owners will be touched by the experience enough to potentially adopt a homeless dog from a shelter or humane society.

According to Donna Sheehey, CDO at Zoomin Groomin, "Having your dog anywhere with you makes other people smile. Studies have shown that pets in the workplace can boost morale, productivity and even sales. Participating in ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ is win-win all around – for the company, the employees and homeless shelter dogs."

Zoomin Groomin offers special tips for celebrating TYDTWD:

• Get everyone on the same page. Once employer and workers have decided to participate in and support "Take Your Dog to Work Day", be sure to register your company at www.petsit.com.

• Amused pets and happy workers. If there is concern about work disruption, consider asking an animal shelter volunteer to help out or find a Pet Sitter to assist with the dogs’ potty and entertainment needs.

• Doggie goodies, raffles and more. Consider holding a "Pet Fair" on TYDTWD and invite local pet-care professionals to come and talk about their businesses. Ask vendors to donate products or gift certificates for a raffle and then donate the proceeds to a local shelter.

• Posing with pups. Hold a fun pet photo session. Encourage both dog owners and non-dog owning co-workers to pose with visiting dog "workers". Snap photos, and share and make memories by creating a photo album.

• "Putting on the dog." Hold a doggie costume contest where best costumed pet gets a very special treat!

• Canine encounters. Invite a local shelter or rescue group to bring a few of their animals for a visit to your business on TYDTWD. There’s a good chance that one or more homeless dogs will find forever homes with your co-workers!

• Chow time! Celebrate with a bone- shaped cake for people and tasty treats for dogs to make TYDTWD even more special.

Learn more about how your company can organize this special day by visiting www.petsit.com.

About Zoomin Groomin
Zooming Groomin Mobile Pet Spa, with corporate offices in Norwell, Massachusetts, is a pet grooming service that provides convenient, professional, door-to-door pet grooming, and is owned and operated by a team of professionals with extensive experience in sales, marketing, management and pet care.

Similar to popular human day spas, Zoomin Groomin’s Standard Spa Package truly pampers pets. A luxurious hydrosurge therapeutic bath, fluff drying, hair trimming and styling, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, nail maintenance, playtime and special treats are all part of the Standard Spa Package. The Medicated Spa Package for pets includes aromatherapy and hot oil treatments.

For more information or to learn more about their unique service or franchise concept contact Zoomin Groomin Mobile Pet Spa corporate office Toll Free at 1-866-50-GROOM (1-866-504-7666) or visit their website at www.ZoominGroomin.com.

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