Adestra launch on-site best practice centre for fax marketers

From: Adestra
Published: Wed Aug 31 2005

New fax marketing research centre with advice, case studies plus opportunity for fax marketers to have their fax promotions reviewed by an Adestra fax marketing expert

Adestra, the UK based digital marketing agency providing email, fax and SMS marketing services have just launched a research centre for fax marketers. Thought to be the first of it's kind, the 'fax marketing best practice centre' includes advice articles including hints, tips and case studies plus an opportunity for existing fax marketers to email in their fax promotions which will be reviewed by an Adestra expert.

Commenting on the new research centre, Jim Ellis, Client Services Manager said "Throughout my career, I've been working with fax marketers for over 9 years. During this time, we've worked with event organisers, travel providers, entertainment companies, publishers, SMEs, vehicle leasing and many more.

He added "I'm just glad we can bring together some of this expertise together to make a useful resource for fax marketers. Managing over 3000 fax campaigns already this year means we’ve been able to learn a lot!"

The research centre includes case studies and advice for those new to the medium of seasoned campaigners. The most interesting aspects however is the fax marketing clinic where you can send in samples of your fax marketing and an in house Adestra fax marketing expert will review them. They'll consider:

## Data Management:
Best practice data capture, data cleaning and whether UK marketers are running their lists against the FPS suppression list before sending

## Creative:
Image guidelines, text hints and lay-out suggestions. Should you address your fax to someone or somebody?

## Call to Action:
How best to ask for a response

## Reporting:
What information can you gather to aid testing and learning from your campaign

The fax marketing clinic is a free service. More information can be found at:

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