A Christian Allegory for Tweens

From: Cladach Publishing
Published: Wed Aug 31 2005

Greeley, CO - 9/1/05 - Today's Christian tweens (ages 9-13) face unprecedented levels of pressure to conform to society's values, and are naturally questioning the teachings of the church. They don't think their parents understand them. It's not usually true; nevertheless, each generation feels that what they are going through is new.

Parents - Help is on its way!

To be released this October is a Christian allegorical fantasy for tweens and the moms and dads who love them. The Dangerous Journey of Sherman the Sheep will engage these young people who struggle to fit in with their peers while being an example to younger children; and it will show - rather than tell - them the dangers of choosing the world's way, as well as the adventures that will arise when they choose God's way.

Sherman, the oldest of the young lambs in the flock, started to feel restless. "But now he had met new friends and learned about new kinds of fun...He wanted to be like them, so grown up, so independent, so knowledgeable! And how curious he was about the secret adventures they'd discussed in whispers ... The former joys of the campfire just seemed well ... boring; boring and even downright lambish."

The Mountain beckons to Sherman and he is drawn toward the excitement it offers. His father warns him that what his friends call "Pleasure Mountain" is actually "Sin Mountain." "Believe me, Son, the only thing you'll discover on the heights of Sin Mountain is trouble. Big trouble. Maybe even death."

Sherman ignores his father's wisdom. He thinks, "I bet father just wants to scare me so I'll stay around this boring old flock..." Will Sherman discover the truth in time?

Youth have to learn to make the right decisions on their own. It's part of growing up. "That's the hardest part of being an adult, Sherman: choosing -- all the time choosing."

"I like this book because it has action, suspense, and drama." ~ Sam
"It was funny and sad." ~ Kyndal

Their teacher says this book is "a comfortable way to open up dialog about some hard issues." ~Linda Martinson, Rincon Valley Christian School, 6th grade

The author, Dean Davis, lives in California where he has been a pastor, pro-life leader, bookstore manager, and Christian-school teacher. Currently he is the director of Come Let Us Reason, a Bible teaching ministry specializing in apologetics and worldview. He enjoys working with children and telling them stories.

The Dangerous Journey of Sherman the Sheep will be released for sale through bookstores on October 1, 2005, at $9.99 (US) retail. It can be pre-ordered now - just in time for the Christmas season!

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