– New sea road launches in Dalian to ease traffic congestion

From: DirectRooms
Published: Mon Mar 07 2011

The road has been designed and built using advanced construction techniques and will cover a total distance of 23.748 km as its series of arches jut out over the sea. The length of tarmac will connect the bay area of Dalian with eastern Donghai Park and begins in Huangbaizui before stretching right the way over to the development region of Xihaitun, Tongniuling.

Currently drivers have limited alternatives when travelling between the two zones, the main access path being via Zhengxing Road but because of the number of people that use it, queues can back up for several kilometres. Connecting highways and auxiliary roads are no better but the introduction of the passageway over the sea is going to significantly reduce the delays. Journey times are set to be cut by a large percentage as the flow of traffic improves and people don’t have to sit in hours of traffic.

The cross-sea road will also make getting to the business district easier while providing better access to many attractions and hotels Dalian.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: "All residents in Dalian are going to be welcoming the opening of the passageway as it provides much needed relief for vehicles in the city. With the high number of visitors as a result of the new section hotels are going to experience increased demand so people should be aware of booking early enough."


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